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We manufacture machines for professional use: for cleaning, washing, cutting, chopping and processing potatoes, carrots and vegetables.

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Our best commercial potato and vegetable peeling machines
Potato peeling machines, also known as potato peelers or vegetable peeling machines, are an essential tool for any commercial kitchen. These machines are designed to effectively peel and polish potatoes and other vegetables, saving time and labor for cooks and kitchen staff.

Our best commercial potato peeler

Industrial potato and vegetable washing and cleaning machines, which are in high demand at us

Types of Potato Peeling Machines

You can buy several types of potato peeling machines from us, including brush peeling machines, abrasive peeling machines and knife peeling machines.
  1. Brush peelers use rotating brushes to gently remove the skin from potatoes and other vegetables.
  2. Abrasive peelers use a combination of abrasive rollers and water to remove the skin from potatoes and other vegetables.
  3. Blade peelers use sharp blades to remove the skin from potatoes and other vegetables with precision.

Advantages of our peelers

Using a potato peeling machine has several advantages for commercial kitchens:
  • Efficiency
    Peeling machines can peel and polish potatoes and other vegetables much faster than by hand, saving time and labor.
  • Consistency
    Peelers produce permanently peeled and polished vegetables, ensuring that all dishes have a professional and uniform look.
  • Safety
    Peeler machines reduce the risk of injury to kitchen staff because they don't need to handle sharp knives or perform repetitive tasks by hand.

Why buy from us

If you're in the market for a commercial potato peeler, consider buying from our company. We offer a wide range of high-quality potato peeling machines at competitive prices. Our team of experts can help you find the best machine for your kitchen's needs and budget.
  • Provide quality equipment
    Quality materials and partnerships with leading electronics and component partsproducers. Our equipment for the food industry meets the European quality level and is designed for a long service life.
  • Cover the needs of food processors
    Vegetable processing companies, farmers, fast food restaurant, shop nets, hospitals, take-away restaurant or food delivery - our machines are intended for small to medium-sized food processing company.
  • Worldwide delivery of machinery
    We can ship equipment all over the world: European Union countries, USA, Canada, Australia or African countries. We have cooperation agreements with experienced logistics companies.

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