Industrial potato peeling and cleaning machine

The industrial potato peeler is an indispensable part of any potato processing line. The machine is ideal for cleaning potatoes at high speed and with high quality of the finished product. The capacity is 1000 kg/h of potatoes or carrots.
The automatic potato and carrot washers and peelers are great for vegetable processing centers, restaurants, caterers, food delivery companies.
General Features

industrial potato peeler machine

The side of the peeling disc has an abrasive coating for potatoes and carrots. We are excited to introduce a new product to the food industry, the industrial potato peeling and cleaning machine. This product is made with the highest quality standards and is built to last in any production environment.

The Industrial potato peeler is a perfect addition to any food processing line, and the machine will take care of all the peeling for you. It's perfect for high-volume, high-speed production, and ensures a clean finish.

  • Stainless steel case
  • Mechanical timer
  • Belt driven motor
  • Perforated steel basket and rotor plate. Easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Front unloading protected by a safety guard that guides product down
  • Transparent plexiglass lid for observing the cleaning process
  • Sensor to detect opening of cover
  • 3/4" water inlet; drain Ø 50 mm
  • Electrical parts in a IP56-rated box
  • Low voltage N.V.R. controls. (24 В)
Technical information

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