Commercial professional potato peeler KPM-400

Working quickly and accurately with minimum waste, these three basic features are incorporated in our knife potato peeler KPM-400, the peeler that allows you to finely peel your potatoes in only two minutes.
The special design of the peeling blades and baffles ensures a uniform distribution of the peeling action over the entire surface of the product, resulting in less waste.
General Features

Potato Peeling Machine

Skins are instantly disposed of by a water jet and collected in a filter to prevent floor drain from jamming. At the end of work, the peeling disc and filter are easily removed and cleaned for improved hygiene: an important aspect which, combined with fast operation and reliability makes KPM-400 and indispensable peeling unit for modern food processing.

  • High productivity, up to 400 kg/h
  • It is easy to discharge potato peel because it is discharged through designated chute
  • Peeled potatoes can be discharged automatically for your convenience.
  • It is very hygienic thanks to the ease of cleaning
  • It is appropriate for installing to the facilities for providing meals and distribution center
  • Knife type peeler is appropriate for distribution centers

Technical information

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