Potato washer and peeler line

The potato washing and peeling line is a specialized production line designed for efficient peeling and cleaning of potatoes. With a capacity of 1500 kg per hour, this line is ideal for medium-sized companies that need a high quality and cost-effective solution for potato processing.
The line consists of a series of machines, including a bubble washer and a continuous brush peeler, which work together to peel and de-peel potatoes. The potatoes are first fed into the bubble washer, where they are cleaned and rinsed to remove dirt and debris.
General Features

Potato washer machine

A potato washing line is a production line used in industrial potato processing. The line usually consists of several machines that are used to wash, sort and prepare potatoes for further processing or packaging.

After washing, the potatoes are fed into a peeling machine, where they are peeled with rotating brushes. The peeled potatoes are then sorted and graded by size and quality, ensuring that only the best potatoes are used in the final product.

The potato washing and peeling line is an important part of the production process for many food producers because it ensures that the potatoes are clean and ready for use. Using this line, producers can save time and money while producing high quality products that meet consumer demands.

Technical information

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