Industrial potato washer machine

The peeler machine is designed to wash and peel round and oval vegetables and root vegetables such as ginger, carrots, sweet potatoes and potatoes. It is equipped with a nylon cord treated in a special way for peeling harder materials, and its performance is quite high. The entire machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and has an insulating sieve at the bottom to effectively separate waste and waste water. ⚡️The capacity is 1000 kg/h of potatoes or carrots.
A variety of brushes are included, including hard, soft, straight and wavy, which can be changed depending on the hardness of the material and the desired treatment effect. This root wash machine is suitable for all types of cleaning and washing of root crops.
General Features

Heavy duty potato peeler

The presented Industrial Potato Cleaner is a heavy duty potato peeler used in industry for large scale potato processing. It is designed to peel potatoes quickly and efficiently, while using a powerful potato peeler to speed up the process. The industrial potato peeler uses a combination of water and abrasive brushes to clean and remove dirt and other particles from the potatoes before they are peeled. After washing, the potatoes are ready for further processing such as slicing, dicing or peeling. An industrial potato washer is an important part of any large-scale potato processing operation because it helps ensure that the potatoes are free of dirt and other contaminants that can affect the quality of the final product.

Technical information

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