Potato grading, sorting machine

The potato lifting and picking machine is a set of table functions for lifting and picking materials. The machine has a Z-shaped structure in the lifting and transporting part, which facilitates the unloading of materials. Materials are placed in the hopper and transported by conveyor belt. In the manual picking table part, work stations are located on either side of the operating table, workers pick up the waste and place it in the waste bucket.
The conveyor belt on the machine has infinitely variable speed control with frequency conversion, which ensures stable and durable transportation, saves time and effort. The hoisting and sorting machine is mainly used in combination with a production line. The machine can also be customized according to customer's requirements.
General Features

Potato sizing equipment

The potato sorting machine is a commercial equipment for sorting and sizing potatoes. It is an industrial automatic transport machine which is used for sorting potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. The machine can be used in combination with a vegetable processing line.

The potato sorting machine uses advanced technology to accurately sort potatoes by size and shape. This ensures that only the best quality potatoes are selected for further processing or packaging. The machine is also efficient and can handle large volumes of potatoes quickly and efficiently.

In addition to sorting potatoes, the machine can also be used to sort other vegetables such as carrots and onions. This makes it a versatile and valuable addition to any vegetable processing facility. All in all, the potato sorting machine is an important equipment to ensure the quality and consistency of potato products.

Technical information

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