French fry cutter

The commercial fries slicer is a versatile and efficient tool for cutting root vegetables into long strips or slices. With a capacity of 800 kg/h this machine can quickly and easily process large quantities of potatoes, sweet potatoes and radishes.
One of the distinguishing features of this machine is its ability to slice vegetables directionally, ensuring that the finished product has a smooth surface and is not damaged in the slicing process. This makes it ideal for further processing, such as steaming, boiling or frying in oil.
General Features

Commercial Potato French Fries Cutting Machine

In addition to its efficiency and versatility, the commercial French fries cutter is easy to operate and maintain. Its compact design makes it easy to integrate into a convenience store, manufacturing facility or food processing plant.

Overall, a commercial French fries slicer is a valuable asset to any business that needs to process root vegetables into French fries quickly and efficiently. Whether you run a fast food restaurant or a large food processing operation, this machine will save you time and effort while providing high-quality results.

Technical information

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